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Upgrade to Leather !

      2 and 3 row custom leather interiors.... 

    Over 50 colors to choose from......


     Click here to design your own interior!!

           Established 1983
  Katzkin Leather Interiors

  Established in 1983, Katzkin continues to produce the highest
  quality leather kits for aftermarket and OEM partners. With
  exciting custom packages, optional Tuscany leather, and has
  0ver 2000 patterns available to fit almost any vehicle.
  Now has over $50,000,000 in annual sales !!

           Established 1969

  Roadwire Leather Interiors
  A division of Classic Soft Trim, Roadwire has been an industry
  leader since 1969. Toyota TRD leather interior supplier.
  Over 50 colors to choose from, perforation, piping, 2-tone,
  and optional Alcantra interiors.

  Leather Interior Options:

    Perforation increases air flow thru the leather. Tends to
    be cooler in Summer. Mandatory with air-cooled seats.
    Upscale look found in more expensive vehicles. Live a
    little, upgrade your custom interior with perforation!
    Additional Price: $40.00 per row of seats
    Part# S7032

(Click on photo to enlarge)


   Piping accentuates the custom leather interior. Used
   mainly to contrast with 2-tone interiors.
   (not available on all patterns)

Additional Price: $50.00 per row of seats
    Part# S7034

(Click on photo to enlarge)

  Contrast Stitching
   Contrast stitching makes your custom leather interior
   really stand out. Totally adds a custom look to your
   interior. Mainly used with 2-tone interiors.

Additional Price: $40.00 per row of seats
    Part# S7038

(Click on photo to enlarge)
       Tuscany Leather Upgrade
Optional Tuscany leather is truly a "glove-soft" experience.
  Add the finest automotive leather available to your
  vehicle. Limited colors available, see your salesperson
  Additional charge:
$110. per row of seats
Part# S7036 

          2-tone Tundra

  2-Tone Interior

   2-tone is the most popular option that makes your
   custom leather interior, look CUSTOM. Most Toyota's
   have 2 color interiors from the factory. Use 2-tone
   matching leather, and stand out from the crowd!
 Additional Price: $40.00 per row of seats
    Part# S7033
(Click on photo to enlarge)
    Two Tone Interiors
  Two tone interiors is the most common type of customization done by many customers.
   Set your vehicle apart from the crowd, and pick tasteful two tone interior.
   Additional Price: $40. per row of seats
Part# S7033

   (*Note: Not all two tone options are available for all patterns, check with your salesperson.


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